Client FAQs

There is no notice period in our standard contract documentation. You can add a notice period should you feel the candidate is business critical.

“We want to make sure that our Consultants fully understand the role and the environment into which candidates are to be placed.”

Candidates are under the direct control and supervision of the client. Unfortunately KPJ is not able to supervise remotely unfortunately.

Standard terms of payment are 7 days from date of invoice. All contractors are paid on a weekly basis and as a labour only supplier we appreciate your understanding. Please speak to your named Consultant should this present a problem.

An approved timesheet needs to be with us by 10am, Monday latest.

Permanent placements are covered by our Refund Scheme. Should a candidate leave or be asked to leave your employment within the first 12 weeks of work, a % of the fee paid will be refunded. Terms and conditions apply.

Candidate FAQs

Yes, we work UK wide, so please let us know your preferred location.

One from the following: –

  • A passport showing the holder is a British Citizen or has the right to live in the UK.
  • Passport or National Identity Card showing membership of European Economic Area or Switzerland
  • Full UK birth or adoption certificateYou will also need to provide:
  • Official document showing NI number and name (Government agency or previous employer)
  • Bank details

For full details click here.

Absolutely not; The Equality Act protects workers from discrimination in the work place. All workers are assessed on their skills and experience.

An approved timesheet needs to be with us by 10am, Monday latest.

Timesheet received on the Monday and you will be paid into your bank account on the Friday of the same week.

Yes, you will need to fill in a Bank Authorisation Form giving your permission.

All PAYE workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. Most workers who work a 5 day week will receive 28 days paid annual leave. This is calculated by multiplying a normal week (5 days) x 5.6. Part time hours will be calculated accordingly eg (3 days) x 5.6 weeks.

Ensure that your final timesheet reaches us by 10am Monday latest. You will be paid all outstanding money and accrued holiday pay. A P45 will be raised and sent out in the post along with your final payslip.

We endeavour to respond to as many applicants as possible. Occasionally some of our recruitment campaigns attract a very high volume of applications which makes it difficult for us to respond.

KPJ is paid for the service it provides by the client. A fee based on salary is invoiced for permanent placements OR a small charge is added to the hourly rate we pay you on contract. No money is taken from the candidate and you will not be charged for the recruitment service we provide to you.

Under the Pensions Act 2008, every employer in the UK must put certain workers into a pension scheme and contribute to it. Saving into this pension is easy, its automatic and takes effect once you have been working with us for a continuous 3 month period. You can opt out but you will lose the employer and government contributions