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7 Key UK Employment Laws for 2017

Some important changes are happening this year, some of which we’re sure you’ve already heard about, but in case you haven’t we’ve outlined below 7 UK employment laws that are expected to be implemented this April 2017:

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Reporting) Regulations 2017 will come into […]

Interview Body Language

It’s generally accepted that communication is only 7% what you say, and 93% non-verbal , so in an interview, where you’re trying to make as good an impression as possible in a relatively short time, it’s key to examine your body language. Most candidates are focused on preparing what they’re going to say and what […]

Projecting the right appearance in your interview

In an ideal world, of course your skills, experience and past achievements should speak for themselves and land you the job you want. In reality, however, your interviewers are human, and first impressions as regards appearances do matter. As very few roles these days are completely inward-facing, and nearly all have an element of facing […]

Recruiting from Within

While it’s excellent practice from a visibility and reputation point of view for a company recruiting from within, it’s also the cheapest option and the one most likely to yield great people who know the culture already and can hit the ground running. In reality though, many companies’ first step is to advertise for roles […]

Finding a Job through Non-Traditional Channels

When looking for a new role, lots of candidates start with the obvious places such as jobs boards, company sites’ careers pages and recruitment agencies’ sites. These are a great starting point to get a feel for the market, what sort of salary you should be expecting, and what type of companies are hiring for […]

Non-traditional CV formats

We’ve all seen them-the example of the web developers’ or animators’ non-traditional CV that goes viral because it’s just so different; so unlike the straight-laced, heavily formatted and above all, predictable document that we were taught in school or college to compile. In those first, tentative steps into the jobs market, we were concerned above all with […]

Recruiting Overseas Candidates

As the market grows, increasing the need for more highly specialised candidates, it’s often necessary to look beyond your local environs in order to recruit the most suitable prospects. Especially for senior technical roles, hiring managers and recruiters are finding that more and more, the talent just doesn’t exist in the local market, meaning more […]

Instant Ways to Update your CV

By searching online you’ll be able to find an infinite amount of tips and advice for improving your CV, and making it more likely to get past initial screening. While most (be careful-not all!) of this advice is valuable, it can often be quite nebulous, and can make it difficult to know where to begin. […]

Benefits of Hiring Contractors

To cope with ever-changing hiring needs, many employers are now beginning to use a contingent workforce. Previously, it had been predominantly IT and engineering companies who would have used contract workers to plug gaps and provide specialist project skills, but more recently, organisations in all sectors are examining this new hiring model, […]

Who to Include in the Hiring Process?

When identifying a hiring need in your company, one of the first steps should be to research and decide who to include in the hiring process. From completing a job assessment to putting together a spec and planning interviews, it’s key to examine where the role sits within the organisation, and thus who will be […]